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Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Holy Rosary Catholic Church strives to be a spirit-filled expression of Christ in the Roman Catholic tradition. We are committed to becoming a community that will:

  • Provide an enthusiastic and music-filled worship experience, which will equip all parishioners for ministry, fellowship and friendship.
  • Provide a place where love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement are practiced.
  • Engage the youth of the parish through a variety of activities and programs that will assist them in developing spiritually and to ensure them of a strong support system beyond the family.
  • Be open and welcoming to all and to grow the church by our willingness to accept and learn from our diversity.


We, the people of Holy Rosary, are called to be a church with a living God and a dynamic heritage; a heritage that encompasses the beliefs and tenets of the Roman Catholic faith as well as the characteristics of the African American culture. We are called to be a welcoming beacon of hope to parishioners and the surrounding community for continued and sustainable spiritual growth to enhance and strengthen our relationship with God, address social issues, and provide parishioners with the necessary skills for increased evangelization.

We, the people of Holy Rosary Catholic Church believe in God, the source of life and love; in Jesus, the Word made Flesh and in the Holy Spirit that motivates us to action. It is through these beliefs that our values have been developed and are encompassed in the areas of Word, Worship, Community and Service.


It is through the Word that we learn who we are an whose we are as a faith community and to experience God's guidance.

  • Religious education classes for children and adults
  • Adult formation opportunities at the parish and Diocesan levels
  • Bible study classes
  • Vacation Bible School for children and youth


We believe that the worship experience should be nurturing, gratifying and a cause for celebration.

  • Mass; Sundays and Holy Days
  • Tithing, "in keeping with income," (1 Corinthians 16:2), to ensure that adequate funds are available to continue to have a meaningful worship experience
  • Catholic faith and teachings of the Church
  • Catholic prayer devotions


We believe that there is room for all and strive to be inclusive. We believe that all members have gifts to offer and should be encouraged to share these gifts to the fullest.

  • Stewardship awareness that emphasizes each member's uniqueness and gifts and encourages them to share their treasure, time and talent to the fullest.
  • Having a pastor (in residence) assigned to Holy Rosary
  • Lay leadership through committees and ministries focusing on Catholic social teachings
  • Outreach programs, which provide our members with opportunities to engage with the wider community.


We believe that it is our responsibility to be present to the wider community and it is through our outreach efforts that our parishioners seek to witness for God.

  • Being an African American Catholic presence in the community as well as in the Richmond Diocese.
  • Family opportunities for spiritual growth and development
  • Fellowship with family and friends
  • Collaboration with other churches and organizations
  • Growth of our church membership

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Holy Rosary Catholic Church
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